Sunday, December 02, 2007


I've been doing origami lately. I range from paper 1" wide, to 4" wide. I did finally figure out how to make the turtles, and have been filling a plastic container with the little ones. I recently picked up the larger paper and I have plans to make strings of origami to sell as Christmas decorations - growing up this's how my mother and I decorated our Christmas tree every year. :)


Doing it production line-style makes it go faster, but is less rewarding.

Jug'o'origami, and some tape for a size comparison.

"A little bit of this, a little bit of that..." Pieces of everything!

Once I get enough of the big ones, I can start stringing them together for trees, though I may put loops of string on some of the existing small ones so they're ornaments too. Too bad I can't take the fumes of shellac (and they'd probably kill my bird too), otherwise I could make really solid ornaments. Anyone know of similar material with less fumes?


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  2. I see the flapping cranes, but I don't see the turtles.

    Just a curious orgami fan.

  3. Hey, another origami person! I love making those little animals. It's almost like a zen mantra, isn't it?

  4. those are real cute origami...know what I don't know how to make those boats and stuffs hahaha... cool blog too :)