Sunday, May 14, 2006


Welcome to Zandperl's Fancies, home of handmade jewelry and other creations. I'll be posting new items as I make them, and all are for sale through PayPal. I hope to have reasonable prices - I make these for fun, not profit, but I don't really want them sitting around the house when I'm done making them.

Comments Rules
I welcome and encourage comments, including feedback and suggestions (though I am not yet taking commissions, if I ever do).

No comment spam. Posts that appear to be for no purpose other than to provide a link to another webpage will be deleted. Comments with links to executable files will be deleted, as they could contain viruses and I do not want my blog to inadvertantly compromise anyone's computer.

No profanity, insults, or flame wars. I would like to keep this site PG-13, apolitical, family friendly, safe for work, accepting of all individuals, and respectful. I do understand that these things sometimes slip out, and even PG-13 movies aren't 100% pure, so I will not delete every such post, just when they become excessive according to my own standards. I don't expect that I'll ever have to actually implement this policy.

That said, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, or comment just to say "hi" and who you are!

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