Sunday, October 07, 2007

Origami Turtle?

I'm freaking out b/c I can't for the life of me remember how to make this origami turtle! It was one of my faves, and now I'm blanking totally!

I learned how to make it from instructions on turtle paper much like those in the above images. And now I can't remember... Anyone either know how and able to describe it - I'm thinking it starts with folding opposite edges to the center - or have directions they can scan in, or able to find them on the net (*cough* "oh_chris *cough*)?

Thanks to so many people for the advice! I did find the instructions and now remember how to do them. ^_^

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


After my recent move, I lumped all my crafts supplies together. I have LOTS of them. This included a bunch of origami paper and a few completed items. I'm thinking of selling small paper cranes - finished cranes are less than an inch across, and the paper starts off between 1" and 3" across. The smaller cranes tend to be solid colors, while the larger ones are mostly gradients of color. They are intended to be used as materials for others to do more to them, such as making pairs into earrings, putting loops on them for ornaments, stringing a bunch of them together to hang from the ceiling, or filling a favorite piece of glassware, though people might like them as is.

How much do think I should sell them for? Price and how many together? I need to take pictures of them too.