Sunday, December 10, 2006



I just made the best darned fleece socks in the world! They better be after I broke two sewing machine needles on the second one, and by golly they are. ^_^

[I was using pins to mark where to sew, and ran the needle right over the plastic head of the pin. The first time the needle broke at the eye and so fell apart, the second time it broke right over the eye, leaving the end of the needle around the thread. Thankgoodness nothing else in the machine broke, and I have a goddess for a mother as she gave me 15 replacement needles with the machine itself.)

I'm awesome. I now have matching fleece socks and scarf, and I'm going to try a hat and gloves soon. It took me around 2 hours to make the socks. :( I'm sure I'll get faster, but I don't know how much faster, or faster enough to be worth it, or how fast I'll get faster... Man, if a half-hour scarf is worth $15, these things shoudl be worth $60 all by themselves!

The top edge is a bit messy...

... but not as messy as the heel joint. I'm going to have to sew one of them up by hand already.

And here's a self-portrait in my socks and scarf. :-P


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Wow, how'd you make those?

  2. Wow, how'd you make those?

    (sorry for the anonymous post before, its late here, and I need to go to bed before I make more clicking mistakes ;) )

  3. I had a pair of fleece socks that someone else bought me a long while ago (the light blue ones in this photo). I'd never worn them much b/c they get bunched up in most of my shoes, but then I just got a new pair of boots they work well in.

    Basically I just examined those socks for a good long time and attempted to copy them. They have one long piece for the front of the ankle and top of the foot, a second piece for the back of ankle and top of heel, and a third piece for the sole and bottom of heel.

    Mine aren't as good as the professional ones since I don't have the fancy sewing machine that they do, plus I'm new at sewing, but they're not half bad for a first attempt. :) I hope if I keep trying I can learn to make a pair in less than two hours, and then I might try to sell a few.

    [No problem for the anonymous post. Want I should delete it?]

  4. Nice socks, I have ever seen :)

  5. You look Marvelous!! (-;

  6. You look Marvelous !!!

  7. You look Marvelous !!!

  8. Hehehehehehe DARNED!!!!! Nice one.

  9. Hey Tom, a little over-eager there, are we? Next time you post a comment on a Blogger blog, look for the line "your comment may take a few minutes to appear on the original page". Give it 10 minutes before trying again. ;)

  10. LJP - Hee, I do need to darn up parts of the socks! :-P They haven't fallen apart yet so I haven't bothered yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

  11. They look soooo comfy!