Saturday, May 20, 2006

Now with PayPal!

I think I've figured out the PayPal thing. All my items for sale should now have PayPal buttons on them. Please note: although you can manually change quantities for any item to more than one, there only exists ONE OF EACH ITEM! Hopefully I won't have two people buying the same item, in which case I'll send it to the first person, and learn how to refund the second. Anyone know how to set the quantity of items in PayPal?


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    hey, post more stuff, i've got you bookmarked!

  2. Thanks for the ego boost. :) Even if I don't ever sell any, it's nice to know some people like to at least look at them.

    I finished another pair of earrings last night, but haven't gotten the chance to photograph them. It's hard for me to to get good lighting conditions, and I always feel the real colors aren't well represented without natural sunlight, but I don't have the chance to shoot the pic's during daylight hours. Oh well!